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  • How do I connect Clash of Clans/Brawl Stars/Clash Royale?

    When you are attempting to connect one of these games, you need to enter your Player Tag. You can find your Player Tag in the Profile menu. This menu can be found by clicking the blue level button next to your name in Clash of Clans, by clicking the Profile button below the level indicator in Clash Royale, and by clicking on the top-left button with your avatar and name in Brawl Stars. Your Player Tag is found below your name in the Clash games, and under your avatar in Brawl Stars. This tag usually starts with a # (pound/hashtag) symbol. Make sure to enter the tag in full, including the # symbol.

  • How do I show off my stats in the bot?

    Now you have a game added it's time to show off your stats. Simply use the command for that game: `gs.siege`. Some games have one command, some have many. You can see a list of all commands with `gs.commands`. You can see another users stats by @ing them or using their Discord display name such as: `gs.siege @Dave#1234` or `gs.siege TheDavenator`.

  • How do I use Leaderboards in the GameStats bot?

    Some games support leaderboards, where you can see the ranking of all your server members in one go. You can see the leaderboard using a command such as `gs.siege leaderboard` or `gs.siege lb`.

  • What is the GameStats Bot?

    The GameStats Discord Bot is used to show off and display your in-game stats for a number of different games in the servers you share with friends, guild mates, pro teams and everyone else. It came about because as a group of people we got fed up of inviting 10 different bots for each different game, that all did things differently ], involved too much typing or generally didn't work well. GameStats replaced those with a simple, common way of getting stats for different games and it remembered who you were. It has expanded over time to do leaderboards, LFG, scheduling functions and other game related commands.

  • How do I add an account using the GameStats bot?

    You can add your username for a game by sending the bot a direct message in the format `gs.add GAME`. For example to add your Rainbow Six Siege account, send a DM of `gs.add siege`. The bot will ask you a few questions, reply to them and your account will be setup in no time. Some games ask more questions that others. If you're having issues you can always delete and try again: `gs.delete siege` `gs.delete uplay` `gs.delete xbl`.

  • How do I get started?

    The easiest way to get started with GameStats is to login to the GameStats website with your Discord account. You can then add the games you play and your usernames with a few clicks.

  • Why are stats not loading for my Steam Account?

    In order to support Steam stats, your Steam profile has to be public. You can change your privacy settings by going to your Steam Profile, clicking Edit Profile, followed by Privacy Settings. In here you should set My Profile to Public and Game details to Public. Other settings can be left as desired.

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