• gs.hots

    Show your Overwatch profile

  • gs.overwatch

    Show your Overwatch profile

  • gs.overwatchcontenders

    Show the current live OWC match or when the next is

  • gs.overwatchcontenders lastmatch

    Get stats of the last OWC match played

  • gs.overwatchcontenders match

    Details of given OWC match

  • gs.overwatchcontenders nextmatch

    When the next OWC match is

  • gs.overwatchcontenders standings

    OWC team standings

  • gs.overwatchleague

    Show the current live OWL match or when the next is

  • gs.overwatchleague announce

    Register/unregister this channel to get live OWL game updates

  • gs.overwatchleague lastmatch

    Get stats of the last OWL match played

  • gs.overwatchleague match

    Details of given OWL match

  • gs.overwatchleague nextmatch

    When the next OWL match is

  • gs.overwatchleague standings

    OWL team standings


    Show your WoW character profile

  • avatar

    Show your WoW character avatar

  • list

    Show your WoW character profile


  • gs.battlerite

    Get Battlerite player stats


  • gs.destiny

    Get Destiny player stats

  • gs.destiny2

    Get Destiny 2 player stats

  • gs.destiny2 character

    Display Destiny 2 Character stats

  • gs.destiny2 crucible

    Get Destiny 2 Crucible stats

  • gs.destiny2 crucible last

    Get Destiny 2 last Crucible match details

  • gs.destiny2 equipment

    isplay Destiny 2 Equipment stats

  • gs.destiny2 raid

    Get Destiny 2 raid stats

  • gs.destiny2 raid last

    Get Destiny 2 last raid details

  • gs.destiny2 raidready

    Display Destiny 2 raid readiness details


  • gs.fortnite

    Get Fortnite Battle Royale player stats

  • gs.paragon

    Get Paragon player stats

  • gs.paragon card

    Get Paragon card

  • gs.paragon elo

    Get Paragon ELO

  • gs.paragon hero

    Get Paragon hero

  • gs.paragon leaderboard

    Get Paragon leaderbaord for this server

  • gs.paragon live

    Get Paragon live matches for this server

  • gs.paragon live off

    Unregister this server from getting live game updates

  • gs.paragon live on

    Register this channel to get live game updates

  • gs.paragon matches

    Get Paragon matches


  • gs.ffxiv

    Get Final Fantasy XIV character profile

  • gs.ffxiv avatar

    Get Final Fantasy XIV character image

  • gs.ffxiv classes

    Get Final Fantasy XIV character classes

  • gs.ffxiv fc

  • gs.ffxiv fc members

  • gs.ffxiv fc register


  • gs.halo5

    Get Halo 5 stats


  • gs.paladins

    Shows your Paladins stats

  • gs.paladins matches

    Shows your recent Paladins matches

  • gs.smite

    Shows your Smite stats


  • gs.lfg

    List LFG events on this server or provide an event key to see event details.

  • gs.lfg cancel

  • gs.lfg create

    Create a new event for this server using a multiple choice questionnaire.

  • gs.lfg emojis

    List the emojis you can add to groups.

  • gs.lfg join

    Register to attend a given event.

  • gs.lfg leave

    Unregister from attending a given event.

  • gs.lfg me

    List the events you are down to attend.


    List groups that have been defined on this server.

  • add

    Add a new group, requires an emoji (Either from this server or from the lfg emoji list) and a role name. If the role doesn't exist

  • del

    Remove a group, requires a role name.

  • reg

    Register as part of a group - to get announcments for that group.

  • toggle

    Create a list of toggleable groups.



    "Get League of Legends profile


  • gs.language

    Set the language on your server

  • gs.languages

    List available languages


  • gs.f


    Info about the bot and credit where it is due

  • gs.join

    Provides a link to invite the bot to join your server.

  • gs.playing

    Currently played games

  • gs.playing here

    Currently played games on this server


  • gs.nms

    Get No Man's Sky home base location

  • gs.nms dist

    Calcualte distance between users

  • gs.nms map

    Show NMS Galaxy map for this server


  • gs.osu

    Shows your osu! stats


  • gs.pubg

    Get PUBG stats

  • gs.pubg lifetime

    Get PUBG lifetime stats


  • gs.psn

    "Get PSN profile

  • gs.psn trophies

    Show recently gained PSN trophies

  • gs.psn trophies cabinet

    Show PSN trophy cabinet

  • gs.psn trophies rarest

    Show rarest PSN trophies

  • gs.psnrt

    Shortcut for psn trophies rarest

  • gs.psnt

    Shortcut for psn trophies

  • gs.psntc

    Shortcut for psn trophies cabinet


  • gs.prestige

    Give roles based on a given games stats

  • gs.prestige reset

    Reset (remove) roles granted by Prestige


  • gs.accounts

    List supported accounts

  • gs.add

    Add an account to your profile

  • gs.addother

    Add an account to someone else's profile

  • gs.delete

    Delete specified account, if you have multiple accounts it will ask which to delete


    List supported games

  • gs.list

    Privately lists all your registered accounts via Direct Message

  • gs.primary

    Set specific account as the primary if you have multiple

  • gs.profile

    Create your profile or list registered accounts, see help profile for sub commands

  • gs.profile add

  • gs.reset

    Delete your profile


    Show your accounts / specified account


  • gs.rocketleague

    Get Rocket League player stats


  • gs.ark

    Show your ARK server stats

  • gs.ark register

    Register the ARK server for this Discord

  • gs.ark unregister

    Un-register the ARK server for this Discord

  • gs.csgo

    Shows your stats from CS:GO

  • gs.csgo leaderboard

  • gs.csgo match

    See CS:GO match statistics

  • gs.csgo matches

    See users CS:GO matches

  • gs.csgo update

    Force a profile update for CS:GO

  • gs.csgo updateall

    Force a profile update for all members of this server for CS:GO

  • gs.dota2

    Shows your stats from DOTA2

  • gs.dota2 matches

    Shows your last matches from DOTA2

  • gs.rust

    Shows your stats from Rust

  • gs.steam

    Shows your Steam profile

  • gs.tf2

    Shows your stats from Team Fortress 2


  • gs.tankpit

    Shows your stats from TankPit

  • gs.tankpit active

    Show active TankPit maps

  • gs.tankpit top

    Show TankPit top 25

  • gs.tankpit tournament

    Show TankPit tournament details

  • gs.tankpit tournaments

    Show past and future TankPit tournaments


  • gs.siege

    Shows your stats from RainbowSix: Siege

  • gs.siege leaderboard

  • gs.siege operators

  • gs.siege seasons

  • gs.uplay

    Get your Uplay stats

  • gs.wildlands

    Get your Wildlands stats


  • gs.wot

    Get World of Tanks stats

  • gs.wotb

    Get World of Tanks Blitz stats

  • gs.wowp

    Get World of Warplanes stats

  • gs.wows

    Get World of Warships stats


  • gs.xbl

    "Get XBL profile