Why Play Engineer?

Out of all 9 classes, playing the engineer is probably the most interesting class in Team Fortress  2. By being an effective engineer, you will make an invaluable contribution, or credit, to your  team’s victory.

Engineer Basics

The Sentry gun is an auto aiming gun but stationary building that can make quick work of enemy  players especially when fully upgraded with twin Gatling guns and rockets. At Level 3, the sentry  gun acts as an area denial weapon to most classes and can kill a Scout with 125 hitpoints in  about a second with bullets and rockets. Remember, most players will not always have the  maximum hit points if they have been fighting on the frontlines without obtaining a healthpack.  This allows the sentry gun to pick off wounded enemy players and awards you kills as an  Engineer. 

The location of where to build your sentry depends greatly on your map knowledge. Know where chokepoints are, where ambush points are and where spies can come (or drop from!) can greatly help your team. New locations are constantly being found, allowing for dynamic  strategies on TF2 maps. Playing the engineer has a high skill ceiling depending on your map  knowledge. 

While your primary attack mode will be with your weapons and your sentry guns, your  dispensers and teleporters can be invaluable and key to your team’s victory. In large games  with 12 or more players, the teleporter will be an invaluable asset to your team in winning and  slowing down enemy BLU players far out on the frontlines. Slower team members playing heavy  or soldier will be greatly assisted in using your teleporter to get to the front lines quickly. As an  engineer, remember to build your teleporter entrances near the spawn gate.

Destroying the enemy’s teleporter and dispensers all the more important and makes the  engineer a high value target for spies and the enemy team. Furthermore, spies can use sappers  against all 4 of your buildings, disabling them. Spies can even use sappers while in disguise as  a member of your team so be sure to spy check!

A spy disguised as a Demoman on your team using a sapper against your dispenser

Spies with Sappers – Specialized Weapons

Every spy is equipped with a sapper, a melee range weapon that can instantly disable any  sentry gun, dispenser or teleporter. Spycheck with pistols or shotguns or melee weapons as an  engineer in that order because of the fire rate. The stock pistol is an effective spycheck weapon  with 200 bullets and can fire 6-7 shots per second. Any bullets from a shotgun or pistol hitting a  cloaked invisible spy will reveal an outline of the invisible spy. Do not worry about friendly fire in  Team Fortress 2. All friendly fire is off.

The stock pistol’s ammo shown on the bottom right has 200 rounds. More than enough to check  for spies by firing on anyone suspicious.

Spotlight on the Engineer’s Weapons

The Gunslinger

On the BLU team, you will be attacking. Going on the offense on engineer requires a different  loadout. The Gunslinger is useful for going offense. The minisentry’s quick build time, and even  faster redeploying time, combined with the additional 25 hitpoints for 150 total hitpoints, enables  the engineer to become an offense class especially on payload maps. As an added bonus, the  Gunslinger’s third successful melee hit on an enemy player will result in critical damage for 180  hitpoints. On payload maps, the payload bomb also functions as a level 1 dispenser for the BLU  team, enabling an engineer playing offense to recharge metal quickly and rebuild destroyed  sentries, especially if they are too far away to be redeployed. 

Most of the time, players defending on the RED team will play defensively which necessitates at  least 1 player playing the engineer class.

The Southern Hospitality

While the 25% extra fire damage makes the engineer more vulnerable to pyros, with the  dispenser nearby, healing afterburn damage should be trivial. This makes the Southern  Hospitality Wrench superior to the stock wrench for most occasions.

The Frontier Justice

The Frontier Justice primary weapon shotgun acts like a regular shotgun but gives your critical  damage bonus (3x damage) for every kill your sentry or mini sentry makes. As a gamer prototype,  the critical damage bonus is only awarded after the sentry is destroyed. You can equip another  shotgun at the beginning of the round when the enemy team is not targeting your sentry. When 

the enemy team becomes aware of your sentry, you can reequip the Frontier Justice at the  medical cabinet in your spawn point which will then obtain the critical damage bonus kills when  your sentry is destroyed even before you equipped your Frontier Justice. This works best with  the Eureka Effect melee wrench special ability which allows you to teleport back to spawn  quickly before your sentry is destroyed, saving you time from running back.

The number of critical hits stored in the Frontier Justice is shown on the bottom right. There is  no limit to the number of critical that can be stored but they will disappear upon death or re equipping another weapon.

The Pomson Ranger 6000

The Pomson Ranger 6000 is a potent long range weapon against medics and spies. Hitting a  medic reduces their ubercharge by 10% when it is not activated. Hitting a spy reduces their  cloak by 20%. The drawback is a reduced 78% firing rate compared to the regular shotgun and  

4 shot clip size compared to the regular shotgun. The damage against enemy buildings, such as  enemy engineer sentry guns and mini-sentries is reduced by 80%. This is a disadvantage for an  engineer looking to play offensively because of constant ammo requirements on the frontlines.  However, for an engineer playing defensively on RED, this is not much of a disadvantage.

The Wrangler

The Wrangler replaces the pistol as a secondary weapon. As an engineer with a wrangler, you  can manually fire the sentry at a faster rate and with a shield and protects the sentry from  damage. However, the engineer will have to be in sight of the target and a laser will connect  both of you, alerting enemy players to your location.

The Short Circuit

The Short Circuit is an effective weapon against projectile objects on the map. It works against  the Demoman’s sticky bombs and grenades. It can also disable the Soldier’s rockets if you are  lucky and quick enough to catch the projectile in midair.

Right click with the Short Circuit’s alt-fire mode as shown above to destroy any enemy  stickybombs that will destroy or hurt you or your sentries, teleporters or dispensers.

Where do I setup sentries as an Engineer?

Setup sentries in ambush locations. These can be corners where the sentry can face enemy  players fall but make it difficult to get out of the range of sentry guns.

For example, on the Badwater Basin Payload Map, as an engineer, setting up a sentry nest in  this position in front of the first payload checkpoint is good since you are only facing enemies in  1 direction. Enemies must pass the range of the sentry in order to carry the payload. Any enemy  spies who try to reach you will come in front of you. It is difficult for Demoman to place  stickybombs inside this area since. Furthermore, there is no far away place out of range of your  sentry for a sniper to pick off you or your buildings.

General Warning

Never build a sentry nest next to another engineer’s sentry. A full ubercharged Demoman or  Heavy can easily take out both, costing valuable effort generally leads to the enemy team  advancing to capture the next point or winning the match. The Demoman’s stickybomb can  easily destroy all buildings in a sentry nest with 3-4 sticky bombs. 

Stay tuned for the next guides on ideal locations to build sentries as an engineer and weapon  tips.