Beside the fundamental aspect of aiming, movement is another important aspect of any FPS game that is usually slept on. The same can be said in CS:GO as aiming can only carry you so far as the higher rank you are, the more important movement becomes. For example, in a match where all the players have a similar aiming skill, the one with better movement skills will generally come out on top. There are some basic movement knowledge that you should know such as walk, run, crouch and jump. Mastering these basic movements will enable you to learn other more advanced movement techniques. Here are some tips and tricks of how you can improve your movement techniques:

Basic Movement Techniques:

There are basic movements which are walk, run, crouch and jump.

  • Run: Holding the forward key will cause your character to run and be able to move at the highest speed. While doing this, you will make a lot of noise so be careful as you could potentially give away your position if your enemy is nearby. Your maximum movement speed depends on whichever weapon you are holding. For example, running with a knife will have a higher speed than running with a gun and pistols are lighter than rifles thus you are able to move faster with a pistol. Shooting while running will introduce randomness into your shoot making it a lot harder to hit. So, it is recommended that you should not try to shoot when running except when using some SMG guns such as MP5 or P90. The general rule is that you should only run when you think the enemy is not nearby or your position is already known by them and you need to find a better cover spot.
Running with your knife out when you want to reach a place faster and it is safe to do so.
  • Walk: Holding shift combined with any directional keys will cause the character to walk. This movement is a lot slower than running but does not make noise and unlike running, your walking speed is the same despite the weapon you use. Walking is recommended when you want to be sneaky and do not want to let the opponent know your position. You will also have very good accuracy when shooting while walking. However, since your movement speed is slower making you an easier target to hit, it is not recommended during a gun fight and instead you should use a more advanced technique called counter strafing that I will talk about later in the section.
Walking will allow you to move without noise and get behind the enemy without them knowing.
  • Crouch: Holding the Ctrl key will make your character crouch down into a sitting form. While crouching, you can still move around but at an extremely slow speed. Crouching is generally useful when you need to get into some smaller and lower areas like a vent or to boost your teammate to a higher area. Your shooting accuracy while crouching is pretty much spot on. However, you also become a sitting duck in front of your opponent. So, it’s like a two-sided sword that gives both you and your opponent some advantages. For that reason, it is often used in a more advanced peeking technique called crouch peeking to minimize the opponent’s advantage while maximizing your own. This technique will be explained further in the below section.
Crouch can help to boost your teammate to a higher place for a better view.
  • Jump: Pressing the spacebar will make your character jump up. While jumping, you can see a bit further as well as being a much harder target to hit. However, unless you are using a scout (a sniper rifle that specializes in jump-shooting) your accuracy when shooting will be almost entirely random. It is not recommended to do so unless you are in a dire situation. Jumping is a great way to make yourself harder to hit so when combining it with an advanced peeking technique called jump peeking, you can screw up the opponent’s timing and gain yourself some advantage in a gun fire. This technique will also be explained further in the below section.
Jumping can have a good shooting accuracy when using a Scout Sniper.

Strafing Techniques:

These techniques involve taking advantage of how the games physics works into your advantage. For example, when jumping at the highest velocity (pressing forward will accelerate your velocity to the max) which can result in even higher velocity while in the air. People have utilized this physics logic and invented bunny hopping by constantly performing a timely jump at the highest velocity to maintain and achieve higher than possible velocity to reach a choke point faster. Although CS:GO bunny hopping isn’t as effective as older CS versions, it is still usable to gain the upper hand against the opponent. Beside strafing technique, you can also take advantage of counter strafing by alternating between the left and right keys to reduce aim punch while being able to make yourself harder to be shot. This takes advantage of resetting the velocity to reduce aim punch while still being able to move. You can also train the strafing technique by using a strafing map.

A community map to train your strafing techniques.

Peeking Techniques:

These techniques make use of the peeker advantage in CS:GO where peeker will have a split second advantage of seeing the enemies first. This might not sound like a lot but in high level games, a split second is enough to make or break the duel. There are many types of peeking techniques such as shoulder peeking, jiggle peeking, jump peeking, crouch peeking.

  • Shoulder peeking and jiggle peeking are pretty similar in a sense that they both are used to try to bait out enemy shot and gain information. You can achieve this by revealing just a tiny bit of your shoulder to them (shoulder peeking) or continuously pop your shoulder in and out quickly (jiggle peeking). This will often bait the opponent with high reflex to take a shot and due to how hitboxes in CS:GO works, their shot has a very high chance to miss. What you will gain is the knowledge of where the opponent might be at from the sound of that shoot. This knowledge is incredibly useful as your team can then make plans around it.
  • Jump peeking and crouch peeking is also similar to each other but has a different use case from shoulder and jiggle peeking. Jump and crouch peeking are used when you know there will be an opponent holding the angle (you can gain this information by using shoulder and jiggle peeking). The goal is to catch them off guard and have them move their crosshair from the common head level placement to another place. This will increase the chance of them missing. Remember earlier when I said the peeker will always have a split second advantage? That will come into play here as when you come out, you will have that split second to your advantage to adjust your aim and shoot them first!
Crouch Peeking will improve your accuracy and make it harder for your opponent to adjust their aim.

These techniques are highly effective against most high skilled players especially AWPER (sniper rifle player). These techniques are harder to train alone so I recommend a 1v1 community server where you can have constant 1v1 duel with other players to try out these peeking techniques. By having good movements combined with a good aim you should have a very strong foundation to build up your skills in CS:GO so don’t give up and keep practicing. Good luck and have fun fragging!