One of the fundamental aspects of any FPS game is aiming and CS:GO is no exception. By improving your aiming, you will have a better chance of taking down the enemies first. When you start taking the game more seriously and want to improve your gameplay, aim training is the first step that you could take to achieve that. There are three important factors to focus on when it comes to aim training in CS:GO

  1. Mouse and DPI settings:

Before starting, you might want to make sure your current mouse is reliable enough since sometimes the problem is not your techniques but the mouse itself and you do not want to waste your training time with that. There are plenty of good mouse’s from popular brands for a reasonable price that will fit your hand. My advice would be to try them out in the store and listen to whatever your hand’s desire. When your mouse is good to go, you should start on choosing a good DPI setting following these steps: 

First, you need to set your Windows sensitivity slider in the middle (6/11 notches) and disable Enhance pointer precision option. These settings will add random acceleration to your cursor, and you do not want that.

Example of a recommended Windows sensitivity setting.

Second, you should choose a dpi that you are comfortable with. The general rule of thumb is that the total DPI should be lower than 800 (calculate by mouse dpi * in-game dpi) and should be able to perform a 360 degree turn when moving the mouse from one end to the other end of your mouse pad.

Example of an in-game dpi setting for a 400dpi mouse.

2. Muscle Memory Training:

You can train your muscle memory by practicing aiming and shooting at the enemy head. One effective way to train this is by using an aim-training map filled with bots and actively trying to flick the aim to the bots’ head. You can start slowly but making sure to flick as accurately on the head as possible. Do not rush as you will eventually become faster overtime as your muscle memory improves. The goal here is to be as precise as possible since it is easy to train new muscle memory but very hard to fix bad muscle memory habits. Turning on headshot only mode will allow for a more effective training since your only option to score points is to shoot at their head. This training is important even for the professional players so feel free to do it everyday as a way to warm up your aim before a match.

Aim botz – A popular aim training community map.

Beside the head aiming, CS:GO has a quite unique mechanic called weapon recoil. Each gun will have a unique recoil pattern that makes the bullets go in different directions. Your goal is to memorize that pattern and actively fix your aim to make sure the bullets go to where you want it to go. The best way to train this is to use a recoil control practice map. The map will have a recoil pattern for each gun. Your training will involve trying to trace the recoil pattern and fix your aim until it gets memorized into your hand muscle. There is no need to learn all the guns recoil patterns as you can choose the guns you use the most and learn them first. My recommendation would be AK-47, and M4A1-S or M4A4 since these are the most frequently used guns. Once you memorized the recoil patterns of the guns you generally do not need to practice it everyday like aiming but it is still a good way to warm up your aim along with the head flicking aim training. What I really like to do after learning the recoil control pattern is to implement it right in the aim training session by starting a spray recoil control right after flicking to the bot’s head. This way, I can train both things at the same time so feel free to try it out!

Recoil Master – A popular recoil training community map.

One last thing you can train your muscle memory by having good crosshair placement. Generally, you want your crosshair to be placed at the enemy head level. Why is this you may ask? Well, if you place your crosshair at head level, when you do your head flick from the first part of the muscle memory training, you will only need to move your mouse horizontally. This can save a good amount of time it takes to get a headshot and improve your accuracy. Even if you missed the headshot, you could start spraying down the enemy by applying the recoil control you have trained in the previous part. By getting yourself into the habit of placing crosshair at the head level, you will start doing better before you even realize it! If you have ever watched a pro player stream, all of them will have their crosshair place at the head level. So, it is safe to say that placing crosshair at the head level is a critical mechanic that you should learn.

Head level crosshair placement so that you only need to move your crosshair horizontally for the kill!

3. Reaction Time Training:

Now that you have learned how to aim and control your bullet accurately, it is time to move on to another important factor, reaction time. You can have the most accurate aim in the world but if you are slower than your opponent, you are always at a disadvantage. Reaction time training will try to solve that problem. There are many ways you can train your reaction time. You can train it outside of the game using websites such as However, I would recommend once again to use a reaction practice map (Yes, there is a training map for anything that you could think of. That is one of the beauty of CS:GO community maps). Your goal is to have a competitive reaction time as you do not need to be the fastest to win but you do need to be fast enough to not be at a disadvantage. Always remember, faster is better but accuracy is always the deciding factor on whether you or your opponent is going down. Like aiming, reaction training is something I would always include in my warmup session. Trust me, your reaction time will get worse if you leave it unpracticed.

training_aim_csgo2 – a popular reaction time training/testing community map

Now that you have gone through the guide, it is time to put them into practice! Remember patience and persistence are everything. It will be hard at first but take it slowly, step by step, and you will be shooting heads like no others. Good luck and have fun fragging!