Viktor is a backline damage dealer that is very capable of pumping out bursts at medium range (with the proper talent of course), but he also has a lot of both direct and area damage, so he is a reliable DPS choice for most comps. 

Viktor is a damage champion and a great starting point for new players. He is seen to be a fairly easy to play champion but still requires a little skill, timing and well some aim tracking.


  • Assault Rifle (Left Mouse Button): A Sentinel-issued military assault rifle. Deals 135 damage every 0.1s, has a maximum Ammo count of 30, and is fully effective up to 100 units.
  • Iron Sights (Right Mouse Button): Look down the barrel of your gun and increase your Accuracy. Your Movement Speed is reduced by 50% while using Iron Sights.
  • Frag Grenade (Q): Throw a fragmentation grenade that deals up to 750 damage in an area. Holding Q will cook the grenade and reduce its detonation time. Frag Grenade is fully effective up to 20 units and will hit enemies up to 30 units away.
  • Hustle (F): Lower your weapon and increase your Movement Speed by 65%.
  • Barrage – Ultimate (E): Bring up your targeting binoculars to rain down damage on enemies. Target an enemy player to guide an artillery shell to their location, dealing 1400 damage in an area. Using this ability consumes 40% of your Ultimate charge, and each shell consumes an additional 20%. While using Barrage, your Movement Speed is reduced by 40%. Barrage’s explosion has a radius of 20 units. Can be fired again to cancel.


Cardio: Heal for 300 per second while using Hustle.

Perhaps one of the most underrated talents in the game. It allows Viktor to regenerate when he is in his Hustle (running). Though it is heavily countered by Cauterize if built by the enemy team.  It is a good pick for new players who are still not very good at aiming and throwing grenades. Otherwise, I would not recommend it for hard players. 

Burst Mode: Switch your rifle to Three-Shot-Burst mode, increasing your effective range and firing three 200-damage shots every 0.4s.

This is the talent which is presently being used by most pro players in the league. It deals plenty of reliable damage at range and is best utilized on maps where Viktor can go on high ground and free fire on enemies.

Shrapnel: Increase the radius of Frag Grenade’s explosion by 40%.

The extra 40% increase in the area of effect of the grenade allows you to target multiple enemies when they are grouped up either on point or flanking together. It also helps in finishing kills of enemies hiding behind walls trying to regenerate health or those who are retreating back on low health. It is more effective on smaller maps and maps with no high ground available. Though a lot of practice is required to know how long you have to cook your grenade before throwing it at your enemy depending on how far they are from you. I would not recommend it either because it’s better to get used to your frag grenades’ normal AoE range.


  • Has both area and direct damage.
  • Low skill floor, easy to play.
  • Has plenty of sustainable mobility.
  • A solid ultimate that ignores shields.


  • His kit has no crowd control.
  • Only one of his talents is actually viable.
  • Experiences damage fall-off at long range.
  • Low skill ceiling.

Loadout: Predator

Customized loadout for Burst Mode Viktor.

Firing Stance: Increase your Movement Speed by 40% while using Iron Sights.

Without this card, Viktor would be pretty much a sitting duck. It lowers the movement speed penalty of Iron Sights by 10% per rank. This is pretty much a must have for any Viktor build, as without it you’ll find yourself being picked off by a flank/off-tank or even a flanking damage.

XL Mag: Increasing your maximum Ammo by 4.

Flak Jacket: Increase your maximum Health by 100.

This is also a good low level card. It grants 50 extra maximum health per rank. Health cards are great for any champion, really and Viktor is no exception. Rank 2 should generally be plenty.

Predator: Gain 20% Life steal while using Iron Sights.

This card is great for sustaining the build. It grants Viktor 8% (per rank) Life steal when aiming down sights. At rank 3, you’ll be getting about 160 health back per burst, which is plenty enough to be impactful.

Reflexes: Reduce the time it takes to bring up Iron Sights by 45%.

You can stretch around a little bit in this loadout if you want to, depending on what works best for you.

Item Builds

Don’t buy Deft Hands. Buy Cauterize. Deft Hands is never a good idea for 90% of the champions in this game. Cauterize is almost always a must for Viktor.  

Your other items should probably be any of these:

  • Morale Boost (faster Ultimate recharge)
  • Wrecker (if you need to take care of shields)
  • Resilience (anti CC comp)
  • Haven (for direct damage)
  • Blast Shields (for area damage)
  • Bulldozer (if you need to take care of Barik’s turrets, Luna, Imani’s ult, etc)

Map Positioning as a Backline Damage Dealer

Warder’s Gate: Backline DPS start in the passive lane, and then can take control of the tower to get access to point or wrap around and flank.

Shattered Desert: Just like with Warder’s Gate, the stairs up to point block your vision. So instead of directly playing point, the backline DPS wants to go in the “Stage” area, the slightly elevated area leading up to point.

Bazaar: If you’re standing on low ground at the big gate door, you won’t see anything. The walls encasing the point, and a door straight to the point, that’s blocked by a statue. If you’re a support, you can heal your main tank if they’re visible on that door. Or shoot the enemy main tank if they’re reckless enough to position on like the 1/9th of the point you can actually see them on. Apart from that, nothing. Use the balconies instead.

Fish Market: Standing on the high ground overlooking point is often the correct play, though you don’t want to stand directly in the middle or solely rely on the crates for cover. Pick a lane to position nearby (either docks side or market side). Peek points from that lane and use the walls of that lane as cover.

Ice Mines: Window is a fine spot. Though sometimes your off-tank might want your help pushing the stage (cliff-side). If enemies are hiding behind cover on low ground, going to the stage can expose them. It all depends on whether you have the space to go out this far or not.

Frozen Guard: Point has a little bit of height to it, and most of it is enclosed by walls. So if you’re only looking at the point from a head-on perspective, you’re forced into a dilemma where you either have to play too close to the point, or you play far back and can’t see the point well. Instead, you could try going to the side lane (opposite from the side with the cliff) where the point is entirely exposed.

Splitstone Quarry: High ground overlooking point is fine. In some situations, if you have mobility to cross gaps, you can dash from high ground to directly above the spinning blades room to get improved LoS.

Frog Isle: There are 2 main positions for backliners: Window (the gap in the wall) and Stage (directly by point). Window is a more treatable position, you can spawn from it more quickly. Holding directly behind the point gives more enemies LoS on you; puts you at risk, though it also creates some distance between you and flanks in the jungle if that’s what you want. Typically, start at the window.

Serpent Beach: You can overlook mid from the high ground bridge, leading to the waterfall area. Facing point from the low ground is usually bad. Limits your options; enemies can play around it easily.

Brightmarsh: Can start at A for info and dismounts. B and C are safe retractable spots to poke from. D lets you peek at either lane.

Ascension Peak: This map’s mid is a bit complicated.